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Societa' Dante Alighieri is an organization that has a long and distinguished history and is today one of the most uniquely vibrant and stimulating learning organizations in Italy. Our aim is to support U.S. teachers of Italian, teachers and students in AP Italian programs, Italian Departments and Study Abroad Offices in the USA, high schools teachers, and study abroad tours, in establishing their own faculty led Programs in Italy and particularly in Siena or choosing us as their Italian correspondent. Our organization is proud to already host several US institutions, Italian Departments and Study Abroad programs, for whom we have developed faculty led customized programs.

Here, at the Dante Alighieri school, one of our main concerns is our students' safety and well-being while abroad. We are aware of the need to stay updated on these issues so you may be pleased to know that we are always in direct contact with the American Consulate General in Florence and regularly meet with the Consul General here in Siena.
If you have any questions or would like more information about the services that the Consulate General in Florence provides, please refer to

Italian study abroad

Language programs

Universities and Colleges have two possibilities in co-operating with DA SIENA for Italian language courses:

a) The students can be placed in DA SIENA INTERNATIONAL CLASSES (min.5 - max. 12 students per class – lessons are 60 minutes) together with other students coming from all over the world and with the same level of knowledge of Italian language. At the beginning of the program DA SIENA teachers will evaluate the students’ level with a placement test in written and a short interview.
The students follow the DA SIENA LANGUAGE SYLLABI that have been studied according to PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri) framework and the Framework of Modern Language edited by the European Council of Modern Languages. For the recognition of the Società Dante Alighieri, the Siena Committee, and PLIDA Certification please see attachment.
During their course the students take quick tests at the end of each week of the course. A mid-term and a final exams are also given in agreement with the Language Department of the Foreign Institutions and the Director of the Program.

b) The students have Italian language lessons by themselves according to the number of hours of lessons previously agreed with the University. The classes are formed by the Language Department before the arrival of the students. The University and/or College Department agrees with DA SIENA on a syllabus at one or more levels. The DA SIENA teachers follow the approved syllabus/i and administer quick tests, as well as mid-term, and final examinations.

Syllabi area
History and economy
Sociology and Anthropology
Performing arts
Italian and western literature
Urban planning and landscape architecture
Culinary, dietlogy and nutrition
Archaeology and figurative arts
History of religions and philosophy
Linguistics and glottodidactics
Latin language and culture

For receiving more details about the internal syllabi, please contact The Director of Studies at

Italian study abroad

Customized programs

Customized to meet your needs, programs are high quality, custom-designed group study and tours for participants 18 years or older. Each program is developed to meet the specific needs of and it can be tailored to various language levels as well as topic interest. They can coincide with school's or University's schedule and syllabi. The supportive classroom environment helps students improve their Italian language fluency and learn about Italian culture. Educational field trips and sightseeing tours are customized to fulfil group's requirements and meet the interests of participants .

We are happy to work with faculty in designing innovative short and long term Study Abroad Programs creating customized syllabi and assisting in the development of inter, or cross disciplinary programs. We also assist faculty in internationalizing their courses by imbedding weeklong onsite lectures in SIENA scheduled during, or at completion of a course. Italian study abroad